Welcome to my very own little Media Room! 

Whenever I speak on radio or a podcast, here's where you'll find it.....  

July 2017:

Thanks to MailBird CEO, Andrea Loubier, for this shout out in her Forbes article on "How Women Effectively Deal With Anxiety In Business." 

June 2017:

An interview I did with Ricky Shetty discussing what I do, and how I ended up in Bali:


July 2016:

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Blog Talk Radio's Power of Perception network with Scott Golden discussing all things anxiety. You can listen to what unfolded here. 

June 2016:

Listen to a recording of me discussing my eBook 'The 7 Deadly Sins of the Anxious Mind' on the radio here.

February 2016:

I was honoured to be asked as a guest on Moments of Clarity, a radio show in Florida where I braced the subject of anxiety with the host, Tiffany Werhner.

Not one to brag, but I didn't swear once. I haven't actually listened back to it myself because my mum told me I was amazing, and you know - I was there. 

You can listen to what unfolded here.

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