Fundamental Four: Patience

I could slice and dice this multiple ways, but the one thing you must understand when it comes to anxiety recovery is that patience speeds everything up.

To say it’s an important skill to grasp weighs in as a massive understatement.

Without patience, we will learn less in life. We will see less. We will feel less. We will hear less. Ironically, rush and more usually means less.
— Mother Teresa

Your anxiety has likely been manifesting in your subconscious for years. Most, unfortunately, continue searching for the "quick fix," which only prolongs the sentence while making it significantly worse.

Never forget the cure lies within you…

You might need help extracting that belief, but the fact remains that you will be responsible for your recovery because of the decisions you make and the actions you take.

Anxiety is, of course, circumstantial, but for most, it just takes a little time, work, and adjustment. And if you can approach it with patience, you'll end up saving yourself an awful lot of time, money and anguish in the long run.

Let’s jump back to the lady I spoke about in the 2nd fundamental...

Do you think she had patience?

Not at all. She couldn't bear to face up to it. As a result, she would bounce around like a jumping jack in pursuit of a quick fix.

Her focus was outward when it should have been inward.

This mindset cost her years of life.

Once she had a greater UNDERSTANDING of the problem, ACCEPTED it as her reality — one that was with her and had persisted for years — which was exacerbated by unrealistic EXPECTATIONS and a complete lack of PATIENCE. Only then — when the fundamentals aligned — was she able to do the work to change her life completely.

See what I did there?

But seriously, when you arrive at this space, everything will become significantly easier.

This is how a lack of patience showed up for me...

Most people don't seek help soon enough, which ultimately makes everything worse. I was different. I had a headache 24/7 for five years unless intoxicated. Convinced I was going to die, I ran around demanding to see every type of expert on this planet. And I saw my fair share.

No one could tell me I wasn't trying. There's no way I could have tried harder. Even writing this makes my stomach turn as I think back to how horrifying it all was.

Here’s the problem:

I wasn't smart about my approach.

I wanted results immediately and wasn't prepared to wait for them. I tried everything yet I committed to nothing.

Now, I maintain I never received good help, even though, I apparently received the best available. This just wasn't my reality. It's the reason I feel compelled to do what I do because it pisses me off to see so many needlessly struggle by taking the scenic route when it isn’t necessary. You can hop on the highway.

Societies business model is built on us being sick. And that’s something I want to help you overcome ASAP because I know you can completely transform your life and relationship with anxiety once you’ve accepted it.

I spent years feeling sorry for myself...

I was trying my ass off, and nothing was working. I wasn't receiving the emotional support I craved so I felt sorry for myself. And as much as I believe emotional support to play a vital role in everybody's recovery—there's a stigma you must deal with.

Unfortunately, those who haven't experienced acute anxiety are rarely equipped with the knowledge or wisdom required to help you, and therefore, often make things worse.

None of this is your fault.

You can't let this sway you. It's up to you to get your life back. You absolutely can, and once you do, you'll experience a liberation and appreciation for life far greater than those who've never experienced this nightmare in the first place. Really.

Don’t let a lack of patience be the barrier between your anxiety and your life.

These four fundamentals, if you take them on board, will play a major role in you transforming your life.

While each one is different, they're all intrinsically linked. So if you struggled with any, please take the time to read over them again because the more you repeat this stuff and digest it, the more likely it is to sink in and have a profound impact on you.

Repetition is massive. It is also key to mastering the 5th fundamental: Self-awareness. Which is coming your way tomorrow.

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