Fundamental Five: Self-Awareness

“Self-awareness is one of the rarest human commodities. I don’t mean self-consciousness where you’re limiting and evaluating yourself. I mean being aware of your own patterns.” - Tony Robbins

The self-awareness I refer to is an awareness of that which makes you anxious—when it's coming on, how your body reacts, and what you can do about it.

Most of what we do stems from habits and patterns. Therefore, the objective is to break patterns and adopt new habits.

Once you become aware of that which makes you anxious, you can very quickly analyze your emotions and make the required adjustments to ensure it doesn't happen again and you don't end up losing your mind—which is what most of us do before developing a level of "mastery" so to speak.

Self-awareness is incredibly powerful. It will come with practice and time. If I can learn it—you certainly can.

Allow me to give you an example...

When I wrote this, I was having one of those days where I was beating myself up for not being productive enough. It was hot and humid. To make it worse, I was dehydrated and overdosing on coffee. As a result, I began to feel anxious. I also had to give a talk at Toastmasters which I wasn’t particularly excited about.

The second I started to feel anxious I was immediately able to flag the above reasons. Firstly, I began to hydrate. Secondly, I poured my coffee out. Thirdly, I changed my environment and did some deep breathing to calm my nervous system.

This is just one example of how I could feel anxiety coming on, identify the cause and immediately take action to remedy it. And it worked. If I didn't have the awareness to understand what was going on and what I could do about it—everything would have escalated.

Which brings me to one my favorite metaphors...

I came up with this one watching American football so apologies if you're not a fan.

The game is as much strategy as it is physicality. There is no other game I'm aware of where the coaching staff is so important.

Coaches and Quarterbacks spend more time in meeting rooms studying the opposition and coming up with the best way to attack, defend and ultimately win than they will on the training field.

They then go out on a Sunday and execute on their game plan. Often, the game plan doesn't work out, and so, the team and coaching staff have to make adjustments, with the biggest adjustments made at halftime.

Everything will be analyzed and a new plan of attack or defense will be devised and implemented for the second half.

The more experience and the greater awareness the staff and players have as to what adjustments need to be made—the better they will do.

This is essentially what you need to do whenever you feel anxious. There is always a reason. You need to figure it out and make the appropriate adjustments.

In time, you can make a game of it and become your own coach. And you’re damn right if you need a little guidance in the interim that I would be extremely honoured if you decided to let me guide you.

If you have any doubts, fears, or reservations—I encourage you to roll the dice and challenge yourself to transform your life.

You can check out some kind words on my Facebook page from those I’ve worked with previously. And if this is not for you, I hope you have at least taken some valuable lessons and I wish you all the best for your future!

To your health,

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