Fundamental One: Understanding

This might sound obvious, but we often ignore that which we think is obvious. That action alone — ignoring the problem — only worsens it.

As Khalil Gibran says;

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.

You'll need to hear a little about my story to help with your transformation so bear with me, please.

I suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks for over a decade. I was prescribed anti-depressants long before I knew what a panic/anxiety disorder was—let alone understand it.

If someone explained to me what was wrong with me from the go, I would have been much better equipped to deal with it, and in doing so, I could have saved myself a tremendous amount of pain.

Instead, I became depressed and endured all sorts of crap I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Crap you might be enduring right now.

My understanding of anxiety and panic attacks was the first major breakthrough in getting my life back.

So let’s start with that...

Fear, stress, and anxiety are "normal feelings and experiences" but they are completely different than suffering from an anxiety or panic disorder.

You don't say, Nicky!

Anxiety manifests in the body for a multitude of reasons—trauma, chronic stress, abuse, bullying, a pressure to succeed, overwhelm, loneliness, childhood, poor parenting, lack of emotional support, worry, people pleasing, perfection, etc. The list goes on...

Society today increasingly facilitates these disorders with little to nothing being done about it.

Anxiety and panic is your bodies way of telling you all is NOT ok! All those horrifying sensations are adrenaline flooding the system. And as life ending as it may seem—it can't actually kill you.

That's not to say it's not harmless. We know for a fact it causes an awful lot of harm.

Much of this comes down to your lifestyle, environment, and circumstances. Remember, your anxiety is telling you all is not ok!

Due to the lag in our brains evolution—our minds still think we're living in the stone age, which is a pretty crap deal considering the explosion of technology.

All these variables have ensured anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness. And while that’s true, most people don’t know they’re also the most treatable.

So, why is treatment so unsuccessful?

There are a few variables at play which I hope to demystify for you as we go through the fundamentals.

Here are a few that come to mind:

Fear. Fear of being judged. Fear of not recovering. Fear of the process. Fear of everything.

You don’t have to fear recovery.

A lack of understanding.

A lack of acceptance.

A desire for a quick fix.

Poor support.

The stigma.

Overwhelming fear and a belief that things will not improve.

Lack of self-care.

An unwillingness to put yourself first.

Placing too much emphasis on other opinions.

An unwillingness to make lifestyle changes.


A lack of self-compassion.

Let’s not forget we live in a world where we will do anything to avoid addressing the real issue at hand.

The longer this goes on, the worse your anxiety gets, and the more terrifying the thought of doing the required work becomes as you begin to give up hope that anything can help.

You can absolutely bounce back from anxiety and create an amazing life for yourself. As long as you’re open to support and guidance.

What's happening on a physiological level?

Let me quickly draw your attention to the amygdala—a little nugget in your brain that gets pissed off when stressed and instructs your adrenal glands to trigger the dreaded "fight or flight" response.

Your body produces far more adrenaline and cortisol than necessary. The adrenaline then floods your system—and we all know what follows next…

The horrible sensations of anxiety.

While a boost of adrenaline might be beneficial if you bumped into a Grizzly Bear and her cubs — although I wouldn’t fancy your chances — it's definitely not necessary when you're trying to relax or go about your day.

You now need to train your mind to alter your behavior and beliefs through different tools and strategies to ensure this is no longer the case. You also have to address your anxiety at the core.

Otherwise, you will continue to avoid it, and it will continue to persist and cause you even more trouble later on in life.

Remember, each fundamental is as important as the next. This micro-course is designed to put you in the best position possible to ensure any work you need to do is significantly easier than you might perceive it to be today.

You are setting yourself up for success. As with everything, it requires a stable foundation.

To your health,

You’re damn right I want to help you…

The Free Your Mind from Anxiety online program packs everything I wish someone taught me 15 years ago into an easy to follow two-month program so you can begin your rapid transformation with the support of like-minded people today. All from the convenience of your own home.

Here’s what Chelsea had to say after;

Working through the Free Your Mind course has been genuinely valuable. It has helped me gain insights about the root of what I’m dealing with and given me the structure and support I have needed to make real lasting changes.

Happy to say that working through the course has made a huge difference and anxiety is finally f*cking off. Would definitely recommend.