Do you feel anxious in social situations?

Do you worry about embarrassing yourself in front of others?

Do you worry about behaving anxiously in normal day-to-day interactions?

If so, the social anxiety challenge is for you!

Social anxiety sucks: It strips you of your confidence and removes the fun from life while making basic day to day interactions unbearably overwhelming.

Today, it is affecting more people than ever as we become overly dependent on our phones and technology with less emphasis placed on human interaction and creating meaningful relationships.

The social anxiety challenge provides you with accountability and actionable steps to boost social skills and reduce your anxiety!


The SAC is a fun 21-day challenge designed to break down anxieties and build confidence by getting you out of your head and completing small daily tasks you might not think to do—all the while generating greater joy from your day to day interactions.

Example: Day 17: Sit down beside a stranger in a coffee shop, and ask them how their day's going. Are they on their laptop? Are they reading a book? Did something crazy happen in the news today? Use the circumstances available to you to generate a conversation with them. 

Once you find the right support and break down your anxieties into actionable steps while focussing your energy outwards, you will find yourself—in time—thriving in social settings and getting so much more from life.

For just $9.95, you’ll receive:

> 21Missions


21 missions will be sent daily to your inbox. Each mission is designed to slowly take you out of your comfort zone and break down fears step by step to boost confidence, reduce anxiety, and ensure you experience greater joy from life.

> Private Support Community


What better way to succeed than by going through this with like-minded individuals sharing, inspiring, and supporting each other throughout?

There will also be live videos, Q & A, and tips on how best to overcome whatever obstacles arise.


> Breathwork

You will receive a downloadable meditation incorporating pranayama breathing techniques to be done daily for a massive reduction in stress.


Want to take it with a friend?

Just send us a message with their email after your purchase and we will make sure you both get started at the same time. At no additional cost.

Upon completion, you will begin to relish all life has to offer as you expand your comfort zone and breakthrough self-imposed limitations—all the while generating new relationships and improving existing ones.

The Social Anxiety challenge is here to help you put an end to the agony that is social anxiety, so you can get out there and start to experience less anxiety and greater confidence on a daily basis.

All For Just $9.95

What others say?

“It’s had such an impact on my life. Even small day to day interactions with strangers that last 20 seconds now give me so much happiness.” - Kate.

"I've volunteered down at the local homeless shelter. I procrastinated, then just rang them and did it anyway even though I was shit scared. I've moved so far out my comfort zone in the last two weeks that I'm starting to feel the king of the fking world, just like I used to." - Sam

Everything is achieved through action. And permanent change is achieved by repeating those actions.

The social anxiety challenge will propel you into taking the required action to boost your confidence and tackle your social anxieties once and for all so you begin to experience joy and excitement for all you can accomplish with your future.


Your money and satisfaction guaranteed.

Sign up today, and if for any reason, you don’t feel it’s worth the money, just let us know and a refund will be issued immediately. No questions.

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