Once upon a time, a young man named Edward was going through his very first shit storm in life.

As it turned out, he was in no way equipped to handle the turbulence this particular storm had in store.

Since you asked, it was predominantly relationship stuff. And it wasn’t fun.

Anyway, his best strategy was avoidance. He didn’t want to deal with it because he didn’t know how.

This turned out to be a terrible strategy.

Without diving too deep, it all culminated in one violent eruption after smoking a little too much weed with friends. Laughter quickly turned to panic, and Edward suddenly found himself hiding in the bathroom while experiencing a major panic attack which quite literally, scared the living fuck out of him!

Fight or flight.

His only option was to flee. And so, without any goodbye’s, he legged it out of the house faster than Usain Bolt ever could.

Unfortunately, things only got worse. Way worse. We're talking apocalypse shit.

And that turned out to be just the beginning.

That one panic attack set off an avalanche of the bastards. It left him in a state of perpetual anxiety where every day felt like a battle to stay alive.

Depression then entered the part, because, why the fuck not? Balance is important.

It felt like a life sentence. Only worse. Because he hadn't been given a release date. He didn't even know wtf was wrong with him!?

Five years spent seeing every medical professional under the sun, and he still didn’t know what was wrong with him. None of them helped. In fact, they made things worse.

Then one day while creeping in the self-help section, he picked up a book, “When Panic Attacks” read the back, and finally had the diagnosis he so desperately craved.

He had an anxiety and panic disorder.

The next eight years became a monumentous challenge to figure shit out. But at least he knew he wasn't going into cardiac arrest or walking around with a tumor the size of a baseball in his brain.

Edward wanted so bad to be teleported back to his pre-panic days where he could once again appreciate the birds, the bees, butterflies, cow shit, and silage.

But he had to accept that was not possible. He had to embrace his anxiety and use it to fuel him.

Not to ruin him.

After many years and thousands of dollars, he finally began to put together the pieces of the most complicated puzzle on Earth.

Years prior, he swore to Christ if he did figure it out that he was going to write about it and do his best to help ensure others didn’t have to endure such crap in their lives.

And he would do it in a way that would have resonated with him all those years ago.

That translated to raw, no-bullshit content with a splash of humour because that's what he felt was was so desperately missing.

Following that, he would use this wisdom to create educational and support programs to help others understand their anxiety, address it, and find massive relief from it.

He would personally get involved and hold others accountable to ensure they found the relief and peace they so desperately deserve.

And, as if out of the blue, he decided a rebirth was in order. So he changed his name to Nicky Cullen. He then hopped on to GoDaddy.com, registered his name with an infamous .com behind it—which he probably regrets—and gave birth to this motherfucker you're reading right now.

P.S. John is a fictional character Nicky made up while writing this story. And while the story is true, I didn't actually change my name. That's a whole other level of weird.

So, while you are still reading, I'd like to ask you is it because you too are looking for freedom from this bastard and are sick of all the shit and empty promises out there that have just made things worse for you?

Because if that's the case, I can probably help. And I'm being modest saying that. All you have to do is give me an opportunity to prove it to you.

I know it’s scary, but fuck it, everything is scary when you’re living in a state of perpetual anxiety.

If you want to know the services I offer, you can head on over to the homepage where everything is outlined.

If you're still a little unsure, pop your details in the little box below, and I will teleport you over a belter of a book for FREE as well as my anti-anxiety micro-course.

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Much love, Nicky