The result of this?

It's led me down a path I wouldn't wish on my greatest enemy, but I can't be too mad because it's also led me to here. A place where my biggest pain has somehow become my greatest passion. 

I'm a writer and coach. Primarily in the business of helping people seek freedom from anxiety, panic attacks, and the associated depression. If it's fluffy shit you're looking for; you won't find any here.

Everything I have experienced has provided me with a fresh perspective and entire new outlook on life. One which brings with it a feeling of liberation and some pretty stubborn points of view on the societies we live in. I've also gained a fascination with psychology and how the human mind operates. These are the subjects I love to write about to help ensure you, the reader, doesn't have to endure the terror of anxiety for longer than you have to.

In short:

I had a long term relationship with panic. It was emotional! I'll never forgive her, but as messed up as it is, it's led me to a place where I now love what I do because I'm able to help those dealing with similar shit to overcome it, and get their life back!

The longer version if you desire:

Apparently, I’m an ambitious fucker, and ambitious I shall remain. So, in no particular order, here are some bullets loaded with my inspiration for creating this mess;

  • To help create a happier existence for all who think this shit is worth reading.
  • To create more awareness around panic disorders and mental health in general.
  • To inspire those who deal with such extravagant shit on a daily basis to take the baby steps required to regain control of their life.
  • To put fear under a microscope and explore why it consumes so many, while preventing us from living a life we love (or even like).
  • To encourage people to question everything and everyone.
  • To promote individuality and inspire others to chase their dreams while being true to themselves, and not that of which others aspire for them.
  • To help create a more compassionate society.
  • To examine perception. I love it! I say fuck, you think?
  • To alter peoples perceptions of how they see the world (if it's through blurred eyes with tunnel vision for a cesspit of shit).
Nobody said it was going to be easy!

In short, I’m writing about real life matters in, I guess you could say, an unconventional form. While many topics will be serious, I’m hoping you, the reader, will find the humour within them and learn to laugh at all the shit we have going on around us.

Life is far too serious as is. Stress has become so prevalent in today’s society with tighter deadlines, social pressures, overwhelming workloads, peer pressure, pricks in general, the media, and greed to name just a few. It's an epidemic of epic proportions and one of the biggest problems we face in western society today, if not the biggest. 

For those who aren’t exactly thrilled with how your life is unfolding? I hope you’ll be inspired to dig deep, question your very existence (deep shit right there) and find that fire within you to take the necessary steps to push past your fears in pursuit of a life you love.


Think of it as self-exploration. It’s not about me; it's about you. But, to make it about you, I need to draw on me, if that makes sense? Probably not! If it’s received well and you’re inspired? I’ll most definitely be inspired too. 

Like a gobshite, I've only gone and named it after me. Therefore, I feel I should give you a brief synopsis as to who I am?

I like to think I’m a free spirit, but the definition is hazy, and the research is unfounded. Originally from Ireland, currently hopping between Canada and Bali. I had a privileged upbringing and I let things get out of hand. If you are wondering why I swear so much? Most of the time it's tongue and cheek but quite frankly, it’s simply because I like to. It's me being me. I also believe that when speaking on this topic, the words should pack a punch. If I’m doing this, I'm doing it my way so I’m not going to pussy foot around and pretend to be someone I’m not. If I’m ever lucky enough to be a Father, I’ll be the one who can’t stop laughing when the little dudes (assuming he is, in fact, a he) first word is FUCK as Mommy looks on in disgust!


This site won't cure your anxiety, panic attacks or depression. If I were to make that claim I would be full of shit, and not the standard shit that comes from a bull, a rhino’s brand wouldn’t even fall within the realm of where I’m going with this…...I’m talking T-RexShit! Only you can take the required action to escape this prison.

It's all going to help but honestly, if you want to tackle this fast and get your life back on track, you need to strongly consider the coaching. This is not a sales pitch; it's just a fact. I teach everything I wish someone taught me 15 years ago. 

So, if you've sat with your head in hands, maybe a tear in your eye, with an awful lot of anger building up while becoming increasingly frustrated with your surroundings, and thinking to yourself, ‘What the fuck did I ever do that was so bad to deserve this shit?’ Then do yourself a favour and get in touch.

Much love,


or simply,

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