If you’re offended by profanity, the best advice I can offer you is to exit this site immediately—and NEVER return. If not, and you want to TRANSFORM your relationship with ANXIETY—do carry on.


Anxiety is a mind-fuck-field. Here, you'll learn how to, well, fuck it, I guess? 

Consider this "personal development" tailored to the anxious mind. No glorification of perfection. No glorification of busy. 

What you get is an honest, raw, some say humorous, often vulgar approach to anxiety in the name of a good life. Not usually one to toot my own horn, but I would have shat myself with excitement if I stumbled upon this in 2001. Not because it's revolutionary. Because it's practical and relatable. Of course, I'm biased—so I'll leave the critiquing to you.

My writing is based on my experiences and learnings, the little to the major — what I see and hear — what helps and hinders. READ or LISTEN to my latest articles here.

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 The opening words from a little book I wrote. It's all yours...

“Never forget your darkest moments; here is where creativity is spawned, battles are fought and won, skin is thickened, and complacency is never taken for granted. Without them, the good days would only be that. With them, the good days become fucking great ones.”
— Me
Alter your perception, and the mind will soon follow.