The Voice in My Head is an Asshole

Don't knock the creativity of the title until you've read the intro. Below you will find an excerpt from my book, The 7 Deadly Sins of the Anxious Mind & How To Remedy Them.” 

What you’re about to read is the 7th Sin—the deadliest of all.

Not really, however, just like the rest, if you put your energy and focus into fighting and not accepting it—it will continue to wear you down with jabs. One of the biggest problems with anxiety is the manifestation—we try our best to ignore it until one day it delivers that knock out punch leaving us laid out on the floor, fucked and utterly confused as to how we got there.

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Ramble over. Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado...

Never forget your darkest moments. Here is where creativity is spawned, battles are fought and won, skin is thickened, and complacency is never taken for granted. Without them, the good days would only be that. With them, the good days become fucking great ones.
— Me


Last, but certainly not least: the past. That which so many use to dictate the future, ensuring all decisions are made out of fear while our irrational minds trick us into believing they have our best interests at heart. However, our rational mind knows only too well, that which we need for a good life lies beyond the point of fear or perceived comfort

Our subconscious mind is a powerful tool when programmed right, but once faulty, it's a prick! It is now responsible for the false belief that something which hurt you in the past will occur again in the future ensuring your ego combined with fear will do their best to ensure you remain stuck while manipulating your mind to believe, “it's for the best.”

Remember what happened last time dummy??

Listen up: fuck the past! It cannot be undone. It’s important to understand it, but there comes a time when you need to say, “fuck it.” Did the past not lead you to your present? How’s that working out? How did Einstein define madness? This one I know, he defines it as doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. 


It serves as a defense mechanism. A faulty one but a defense mechanism nonetheless. All trust is lost, and often all faith in humanity too. You must realize that by opening up and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, faith can be restored.


You must make peace with your past to prevent it from destroying your future. One way of doing this is through forgiveness. It’s not about them—it’s about you. If you are dealing with a loved one—you both stand to benefit greatly.

Always forgive. Never forget. 

You won’t be able to forget anyway, so why bother trying? Forgiveness will provide you with the freedom you need to move forward with your life. Remembering it will inspire and motivate you. Use your circumstances and spin them to your advantage. Don’t ask me how I know this, but Oprah — or some dude that was a guest on Oprah — absolutely nails it.

 Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past would have been different.
— Some Dude

You can’t run around believing the world is against you if you aren’t willing to put in the work required to get your shit in order. Yes, people have more than likely fucked you over at some stage in your life. Yes, you might still be angry, and it might even be justified. And yes, you'll probably meet people that will fuck you over again. But you'll be far better equipped to handle it. If someone were to pay the human race to find legitimate reasons to be resentful, we’d all be millionaires. You have to dig deep and forgive all, and I repeat: it’s not for their peace of mind, it’s for your peace of mind. But great things can come from genuine forgiveness.

The past is done—you can forgive and use it as motivation to build a better future, or you can continue to let it plague your mind and create more suffering.

To forgive, you may have to write some tough letters or have those difficult conversations we all want to avoid, but those courageous enough to confront their demons are the ones rewarded.

None of this work is easy, and there are no simple tricks in spite of what marketers may manipulate you into thinking. Help is encouraged—you can get there on your own, but it will be a hell of a lot easier with guidance, accountability and someone cheering you on. It all comes from action. Nothing in life has ever been achieved without it. The immaculate conception is the only exception, but that was a miracle, and this is neither "The Bible" or "The Secret" you’re reading. Nothing is proven beyond the fact that you only get one life, so procrastination is not something to dick around with.

The world is not against you. The world is just busy. People are either busy managing their own destructive thoughts and anxieties or busy trying to prevent themselves from falling off their horse in the first place. Many others are busy enjoying their lives — and so they should be — while the rest might just be dicks, but you shouldn't concern yourself with them.

Remember, you and only you control the key to your future. Blaming others for all that unfolded in the past will only ensure you remain stuck in your present. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools available to us in this world as it frees us from all resentment and anger. At this stage in your life, there is no work you can be doing that is more important or rewarding. This is about you, your life, and a better future. The stakes are high so take it seriously and give it your best. That's all you can do, and everything you owe yourself.

Setbacks are inevitable. It's not about how you get knocked down—it’s how you get back up. Show yourself the compassion you deserve and remind yourself constantly of all you have to be proud of.

Thanks for reading!