The Shocking Truth Behind the Media Revealing the Shocking Truth

The coke is only pure in Colombia. By the time it crosses borders and oceans—it’s expensive. And shit. Or so I’ve been told?

So why — so often — do we take the words of a stranger as Gospel?

Thanks to the Internet, we have access to more beliefs, truths, and data than ever before.

Similar to coke, the “truth” is cut and chopped and manipulated many times before ending up in your lap as it reaches the esteemed status of “shocking.”

But really, all that’s shocking is how quickly we assume it to be the truth. 

99% of what people project on to others is no more than a belief. Once you believe something, it then becomes your truth. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “The Truth.” Or that it has to be someone else’s truth.

And because there are so many crazy truths and beliefs accessible in an instant through your phone, you’d probably benefit greatly — if you’re a fan of the trigger warning — to stop getting so offended by what you deem to be utter bollox. Because the only person you’ll end up pissing off is yourself.

The not-so-shocking truth is that everyone on the Internet is looking for clicks. And they’ll make outlandish claims and statements to get them.

It’s clickbait.

To deal with facts, you have to go to the source. And most people are too busy for that. The truth is also hard to find because large studies — more often than not — are both bias and prejudice. And data is easily manipulated. Science, on numerous occasions, has also been proven wrong.

The Netflix documentary, “What The Health” is a perfect example of a shocking documentary with a clear bias agenda.

After watching it, I spoke to the one scientist I know that reads science papers who has assured me there is no study to back-up their claim that an egg, or whatever, is as bad for you as smoking five cigarettes.

And you know what? I choose to believe her over the other dudes.

It’s impossible to know what’s safe to eat these days due to all the differing arguments. The stress of it all is far more likely to cause a stroke or heart failure than the food itself.

It’s all Chinese whispers.

How many times have you heard something from someone who's probably heard it from someone else and thought to yourself, “I like the sound of that. Makes sense. Aligns with my current beliefs. I might just pass it on”?

I’ll bet it’s a hell of a lot more than the times you’ve said, “fascinating point Kenny. What study did this come from? Who carried it out? And how can I get my hands on the original source to fact check so I can tell my friends?”

The shocking truth is that almost everything on the Internet is sensationalized. It must be polarising to draw interest. The people who are the best on the Internet know this. For better or worse. This why Trump is so relevant. And why it's so easy to get pissed off with people on the Internet.

Belief is what matters. That’s the holy grail. That’s your truth.

But don't assume the person spreading truths knows for sure what they're talking about. And just because it’s your truth doesn’t mean it’s somebody else's truth or that you have to shove it down their throat. There’s no need to be a dick just because someone else doesn’t see the world through your lens.

My beliefs change often. Whatever suits the narrative I believe will impact my life most positively. And I’m cool with that. I couldn’t care less what the actual truth is anymore because I’d lose my mind trying to find it.

I’m not sure truth exists. It exists in a moment, but we’re constantly redefining our beliefs, and therefore, our truth. We’re constantly evolving.

The world used to be flat. Smoking used to be good for you. The WWF — or WWE as it’s now called — used to be real. In my eyes, anyway.

Today’s truth can be tomorrow’s bullshit. Although, personally, I don’t see a day where Trump won’t be a dick. Or bowling won’t be shit.

The bible will tell you with a huff and puff and a click of the finger that Moses split the actual sea!

But I can also say with absolute certainty that Moses did split the sea. Because I know Moses. I was there. I saw it with my own eyes. And that my friends — whether it’s shocking or not — is the truth.

Thanks for reading!