Thinking Beyond Anxiety

Many of us get hit with anxiety in life. When we do, it often becomes part of our identity.

Once it spirals, everything becomes anxiety. It becomes our identity.

I can’t do anything. Anxiety won’t let me.

The words uttered by so many suffering with debilitating anxiety.

And for good reason — anxiety is a bastard!

However, once you give your identity to anxiety, your anxiety will hold onto it for dear life making it — at times — seem impossible to break free from.

To counter this you must begin to look and think beyond your anxiety because the longer you let it control you, the more control it will have over you.

Too many spend their energy learning everything there is to know about anxiety  without actually facing up to it and doing something to change the reality.

It’s avoidance.

It’s easy to trick yourself into believing you are being pro-active by gaining a whole lot of knowledge on the subject. But all that knowledge is useless unless you begin to act on it.

Dealing with anxiety is simple in theory. The reality on the other hand? Well, that’s a cluster fuck if ever there was one — which is why avoidance and comfort are, more often than not, the preferred option.

If you can weather a little more turbulence — which you’re already accustomed to — and face up to this bastard, you will undoubtedly find yourself with a far better reality.

You don’t need to fix your anxiety. It’s your life that needs adjusting. 

The majority of the work required goes beyond your anxiety.

Waiting to take action until you understand every intricacy of it will only make it harder.

Of course, you want to avoid it. To run and hide. What you’re going through is living hell. But hell gets worse.

Most who suffer wait till they reach the pits of hell before they definitively decide to do something about it. This can often take ten years or longer.

Doesn’t have to be the case. It’s just a shitty reality.

To get out of it. You have to look beyond it.

Anxiety is rarely the problem. It’s the symptom. A horrible one. But a symptom nonetheless. 

Seek out the problem, and you can get to work on alleviating the symptom.

Thanks for reading 🙏🏻.